SoNo Fitness, in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, is a high-intensity functional strength and conditioning program that, by design, can be scaled to all fitness levels. Every workout is challenging and every workout is different.



SoNo Fitness – Chicago trainers are experienced, nationally-certified professional trainers whose only job is to train people. They are dedicated to seeing you succeed.


SoNo Fitness is a community. One of the reasons we are so successful is the support and friendship from your fellow athletes. We train as a team! Everyone gets better together.



SoNo Fitness is a small-group fitness and CrossFit gym that offers a variety of programs to improve your strength and conditioning, mobility, and flexibility. The small class size allows our trainers to focus on each student to help them achieve their goals.

I’ve been training at SoNo Fitness for about 4 years now and of the 3 gyms I’ve trained at extensively before, SoNo has been the best.
— Jack D.
SoNo Fitness was one of the top rated gyms in Chicago...When i think of a good community, I think of SoNo!
— Julie C.
This gym is by far the best gym experience I have ever had. The coaches and the athletes are a blast to work with and I am stronger and faster now than I was when I was playing college football. Keep up the good work!
— Rusty M.


SoNo Fitness is not just a gym. We are a community of fitness and lifestyle enthusiasts that work together for the greater good. There are three main components to improving you healthy: Fitness, Nutrition, and Recovery + Maintenance. SoNo Fitness offers fitness classes, nutritional programming, and recovery and rehabilitation programs, including massage therapy, to provide members with access to everything they need for a healthier lifestyle.



Classes are designed to be both fun and challenging, regardless of your fitness levels.  



No fitness program is complete without proper nutrition. Learn more about our nutritional programming. 

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Massage THerapy

Massage improves performance, reduces pain, and shortens recovery time. Reward yourself. Get a massage today.