Fall 2019 Programming Update



We just crushed this past cycle. The longer cardio AMRAPs pushed the pace on the runs. Not only did we run 2-3 times per week, but they were longer runs. You all did a great job. Bravo! I couldn't be prouder.

You’ve probably noticed that we have pivoted away from the EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) OLY (short for Olympic for you, newbies!) lifting. I'm sure you are asking yourselves:

"Why? I finally prepared my hook grip like you asked in the last email."

Answer: Movements across the board started to degrade so a change was needed to enforce good movement patterns.

The gymnastics practice has definitely continued to help people with movements in daily METCONs (metabolic conditioning). We have noticed people who historically struggled with toes-to-bar start stringing them together. Bravo!

Next Cycle

The next cycle will be our longest cycle to date, lasting from September through December. Are you ready?


As we return to 20-25 minute AMRAPs for recovery, you’ll notice a couple of things. First, the effort level will be easier to wrap your head around. Second, the movements will be easier to sustain.

While it would be nice to push the pace and improve all of the time, that’s simply not possible. We need to take a break from 8 weeks of being driven into the ground with short intense METCONs and long sustained intense cardio workouts. Balance is needed. Use what you have built up to maintain a good cardio base.


Hypertrophy is defined as the increase in volume of an organ or tissue due to the enlargement of its component cells. Why is this important? In our program, we have intense movements programmed (i.e., pistol squats, kipping movements, and fast paced barbell lifts) that take the muscles to the limit. Once that is achieved, we need to pull you back from the brink through a more balanced approach.

One day a week we will have a class dedicated to building muscle to support the shoulders and hips. The goal here is to strengthen the tissue around the hips and shoulders. For the hips, we will be doing variations of the split squat and barbell hip thrusts. The goal with this is to gain strength in the hips and be strong unilaterally and gain the strength to improve pistol squats and single leg balance. For the shoulders, to create balance, we will be doing horizontal and vertical push and pull, isolating and strengthening the muscles around the joints.

What you will notice about this class:

  • Lighter weights

  • No METCONs

  • High volume

  • Soreness

Strength Movements:

Don’t worry, we haven not forgotten about strength. During this cycle, we will be focus on the back squat and push jerk. We will test your ono-rep max at the beginning of the cycle. Our percentages will be based off of that weight.

Olympic Lifts (Oly):

To combat the fatigue of EMOM and touch-and-go reps, we'll use implement longer intervals and clusters. You'll see them programed as 1.1.1, resetting after every rep.


You are getting better at skills movement. Yes, you! You may not notice but I definitely do. At the beginning of the last cycle, I was wondering how will we get through this, but by the end, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I take all the credit for that (kidding, of course!).

We are sticking with handstand pushups and double-unders during this cycle. We will also be focusing on chest-to-bar pull-ups and bar muscle-ups.