Nutritional Program

Athletic performance depends upon proper nutrition. All areas of fitness build upon it. Without quality foods, eaten in appropriate quantities, no athlete can achieve his or her full potential.  

Our nutritionist will work closely with you to understand your goals and design a nutritional program specifically for you. 



  • Personalized intake process to identify your body and performance goals 

  • Customized macro nutrition plan

  • Bi-weekly check-ins to make any adjustments to diet



I just finished a pretty hard workout with my Crossfit coach for the last five years, Zoran. A conversation started about how I can improve my workouts and overall fitness. I consider myself a pretty fit person who crossfits at least three times a week, but I had no idea on that day in January that I was missing a whole component to my fitness. Zoran started telling me that one of our other coaches Britt Pascal just started her nutrition coaching and I should check it out. So the journey began!

A little background on me, I am a workacholic! I work as a tech in the entertainment industry and barely find time to be able to workout, not to mention meal prep! Whenever I think of eating healthy, my automatic thought was, I don’t have
time. I hate cooking, I don’t want to go to the grocery store. My free time is limited and I don’t like using it to cook or shop! Nonetheless, I want to get as strong and ripped as possible, so a conversation with Britt was in order. On her intake form she requests a list of things you like to eat and don’t like to eat, as well as a non negotiable section. What are you not willing to give up! “This must be easy” was my only non negotiable.

Not only has macro nutrition with Britt been easy, but it has actually made my life easier. When I am crazy busy, working all sorts of hours, all I have to do is hit my numbers. I eat out all the time. I can use My Fitness Pal, find the restaurant I’m eating at and find the menu item that falls within my numbers. Even when I am traveling, I have my food staples that always lets me hit my numbers and a quick trip to a grocery store usually takes care of that!

On top of macro nutrition just being a great program, Britt is an exceptional coach! She is the easiest person to talk to and breaks everything down! We have a bi-weekly FaceTime check in, making it simple to fit into my schedule! After
being in the program for about two months, my wife, Kelli, started seeing changes in my body composition. We have very different health journeys. Kelli has battled with her weight for years. She was skeptical that the program would work for her! Jump head five months and Kelli is doing great. Britt gently guides her through the program, never body shaming her, or making her feel guilty! My favorite Britt quote is “yesterday happened, move on and do better tomorrow.” In addition, my mom, Marygrace, witness the success I was having as well and also joined up with Britt. Britt knowledge of nutrition and the moldability of macros makes it just as perfect for my mother in her sixties.

In short, I couldn’t be happier! Sono Fitness, my Crossfit gym, along with Britt and macro nutrition has gotten into the best shape of my life.

Have a questions? We would love to hear from you.

Brittany Pascale

Macro Nutrient Specialist

National Coaching Institute:  L1 Certification